Richard Adams

Software developer

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Goals and Ambitions

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Whilst we all like to be well paid, I am driven by the product and project. My professional goals are to be a key part of developing software that I can be proud of, that makes an impact on the world and I would want to talk about.

I believe that I have two skillsets within software development. I thoroughly enjoy testing software and believe it is a perfect fit for my analytical abilities. I would be very keen in developing my wider knowledge of software testing with the potential of leading a team and having a key role within the wider development team. Writing automated tests and developing internal tools for testing, either to assist or perform tests, really appeals.

I am also enjoying developing as a software engineer. Having that closer involvement in the design and creation of a feature or product is just as exciting as trying to break it as well as being very satisfying upon release (especially if I had strong input on the design!).

I believe my career can be a positive one to achieve my ambition of being involved in an exceptionally exciting project, utilising either my testing or development skillset as either a senior or lead test engineer or a software engineer.

Outside of work I am looking to a stable and happy life. A personal goal that I want to achieve is to develop and release a successful indie game, even for free with no revenue source. I would also love to be involved in helping younger generations embrace technology, testing and programming. Any company that offered this opportunity as part of the role would be very enticing.

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