Richard Adams

Software developer

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Welcome to my website!

I am an enthusiastic, hard working and very dedicated individual who works well as part of a team as well as on an individual level.

Currently I am working as a Software Engineer for a company developing end-to-end security solutions, from cameras to security management software. I have been primarily involved in software projects to integrate with third party systems, ranging from cameras to access control systems and also our internal order management solution. Prior to this I was within the Test Team where I started as a System Tester, before eventually becoming a Senior Technical Test Engineer. For over 2 years within the Test Team I was responsible for the company's Engineering Support, assisting our support teams by providing deeper investigations and technical knowledge - also relieving a lot of stress from our team leads!

I have a year's design experience with the online action title All Points Bulletin. Part of my many, taking responsibility of several systems such as player messaging, tutorials and multiple UI designs (including the underlying systems). Whilst much of this was restricted due to an impending launch, I was able to really delve into these areas, among others, later on for post launch material. Leading strike teams involving people from a wide range of disciplines was exciting as I found myself collaborating and liaising with a wider range of individuals as well as getting the freedom to innovate.

Prior to joining the Systems Design team I was a QA Tester for over 15 months. During this time I was able to learn much more about how a games studio functions, from the roles of different departments to how branching is used. I showed an excellent ability to destructively test software as well as provide quality feedback for the Design department. I later became a Senior within the department where my roles included planning, writing test scripts, training new starts and co-coordinating a large team of testers among other duties.

My passion for being involved in games development still remains but I've enjoyed developing my own projects. Some have achieved a few thousand downloads on mobile platforms for my free games and I've managed to recoup some of my license costs through releasing Xbox 360 games, which was very enjoyable and included perhaps my most enjoyable projects. Hopefully the future will involve Xbox One titles!

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