Richard Adams

Software developer

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Personal Details

I am an enthusiastic and hard working individual with a real passion for games. I also enjoy football, music and a good pint with friends.

Goals and Ambitions

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Whilst we all like to be well paid, I am driven by the product and project. My professional goals are to be a key part of developing software that I can be proud of, that makes an impact on the world and I would want to talk about.

I believe that I have two skillsets within software development. I thoroughly enjoy testing software and believe it is a perfect fit for my analytical abilities. I would be very keen in developing my wider knowledge of software testing with the potential of leading a team and having a key role within the wider development team. Writing automated tests and developing internal tools for testing, either to assist or perform tests, really appeals.

I am also enjoying developing as a software engineer. Having that closer involvement in the design and creation of a feature or product is just as exciting as trying to break it as well as being very satisfying upon release (especially if I had strong input on the design!).

I believe my career can be a positive one to achieve my ambition of being involved in an exceptionally exciting project, utilising either my testing or development skillset as either a senior or lead test engineer or a software engineer.

Outside of work I am looking to a stable and happy life. A personal goal that I want to achieve is to develop and release a successful indie game, even for free with no revenue source. I would also love to be involved in helping younger generations embrace technology, testing and programming. Any company that offered this opportunity as part of the role would be very enticing.

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Key Skills & Qualifications

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Key Skills

  • Keen and enthusiastic personality.
  • Logical thinker and able to break down a problem into key components to devise a solution.
  • Programming in C#, using technologies including MEF, MVC and some exposure to UWP.
  • Additional experience in C++, Python, Perl, amongst other languages.
  • Ability to identify potential bugs within a feature and plan testing to find them.
  • Relish finding reproduction to challenging bugs and articulating them in well written bug reports.
  • Sound communications skills and can work well within a team.
  • Solid understanding of many technical aspects and processes involved in different disciplines.


  • BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology - Upper Second Classification: University of Abertay Dundee
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I can be contacted via LinkedIn. I can provide a copy of my CV upon request.




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I have been a keen gamer from an early age. Throughout my teens I was very passionate about games such as the original Grand Theft Auto and Red Alert, before becoming a fan of online gaming with the Delta Force series as well as Left4Dead and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Nowadays I play a wider range of games, from action to puzzle and sports, although mainly single player or local co-op.

Most of my spare time is spent developing games. As a hobby I have created and released over a dozen games on a wide range of platforms including Xbox 360, iOS and PC. Many are small projects to explore an idea, however I've also been working on larger games and even taken on come contract based work.

I've always been a sports enthusiast and really enjoy my football. I try to play when I can as well as watching my favourite side on TV. I also enjoy watching Formula One, although thankfully unlike football I have no unrealistic expectations of recapturing my racing heroes in my own life!


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