Richard Adams

Software developer

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Web Portfolio

As a hobby I started to explore web development in 2004 during my time as a Student. I tought myself PHP & MySQL as well as having experience with Cold Fusion. I am capable with HTML and CSS as well as a basic knowledge of Javascript. My strength lies in coding and I have a strong ability with SQL and databases. My experience of web development and UI design gives me a sound background as a web designer, although my main personal development area would be art & Photoshop.

In addition to my hobby websites (usually gearded around gaming), I have also worked on a commercial product as a key part of the team behind the education browser based game "Upstart Music" (also known as Music Scenario). I was the sole developer and was responsible for writing the code, designing the pages and managing the back end.

Kill Frenzy

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Kill Frenzy, or kF, is a clan that I formed in early 2010. For my previous clan I created my own forums, blogs and so forth, although this time I opted for a simpler approach in using Simple Machines Forums to get the clan up and running. In addition to the basic page, I couldn't resist but develop some stat related tools. Using PHP commands I was able to retrieve pages from the Steam community website. This was then broken up to retrieve data such as the number of infected killed, favourite weapons and scores with different special infected classes. This could then be presented on the kF website, high scores displayed and using GD image, statsigs were created.

In 2011 the website was completely rebuilt with the aim of providing a means for members to contribute in developing a gaming guide, reviews of custom content and so forth. Rather than trying to develop my own solution when there is a range of quality software available, I opted to use Wordpress as I am familiar with it and also given its popularity, is something that other members are likely to be more comfortable using. After experimenting with themes, plugins and widgets the final design was implemented but the most challenging task was incorporating the stats system built in the previous site. I learnt about how to use the Wordpress API to connect to the database currently in use and was then able to build that into pages as part of the main site. This was further built upon to tie in the forums' calendar to the home page as well as using clan's member groups to build a roster page.


Last Updated on Saturday, 19 November 2011 16:48

The Village Store

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Non-commercial project developed for a village store in Scotland, the website is built using Wordpress and a third party theme and a few plugins, such as Google Maps shortcode. Whilst this is essentially created using third party themes & plugins and then organised together, I was quite pleased with the outcome in creating a website where the appearance was well suited towards a village store and it fully satisfied the needs of the store owners.


Last Updated on Saturday, 10 September 2011 13:19


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I've always enjoyed trying analyse the strengths and weaknesses in a game as well as trying to think "How could that have been improved?". I decided to put these into some written form and opted for a blog. Having played around with a few blog providers I opted to install Wordpress on my web space and heavily modify a theme to create a site that allows me to collate all my thoughts, whilst not looking like "just another blog". The website now contains well over a hundred articles so it was important to establish a solid structure to group together similar articles. I have coded several page templates to collate all the posts corresponding to a particular game and display them. For games with a full write up, the full article can also be shown.

The content itself is written in a casual nature and is not intended as a formal review or professional piece of work. However simply using Wordpress has taught me quite a lot about the quality of the software and how it can be utilised for much more than just blogging.



Last Updated on Saturday, 10 September 2011 13:19